1. Can I import my podcast into Simplecast without losing subscribers?

    The simple answer is yes, absolutely. The complicated answer is, yes, hopefully. It rather depends on where you're hosting your podcast currently. Simplecast makes it incredibly easy to import your podcast information, including your media files, directly into our system using only your current RSS feed. Once that's done however, you'll need to update your existing RSS feed to either refer to or redirect to your new Simplecast RSS feed. Most services offer something like this in their system, though sometimes you need to ask nicely.

    If you need help importing your podcast, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to guide you through it!

  2. How can I find out how many subscribers my podcast has?

    The short answer is, you can't. We don't track subscribers, only unique listens (see below). Most advertisers don't care about subscribers, they really only care about unique listens. Tracking subscribers accurately has also become nearly impossible over the years. Prior to smart phones, people subscribed to podcasts and RSS feeds on one device, a computer. Now, people may subscribe to a podcast on a variety of devices: computers, phones, tablets, cars, etc. Each of these devices is technically a unique subscriber, even if it's the same listener.

  3. How are 'listens' and 'downloads' tracked?

    Listens and downloads are tracked exactly the same. It's actually quite difficult to differentiate between the two. For example, a listener who listens via streaming on a web player is the same as a listener who downloads the MP3 to her computer and listens later via iTunes. Likewise, a listener who downloads an episode to listen to later in an iOS app is the same as a listener who streams that episode in the same iOS app. Listens and downloads are simply unique accesses to an MP3 file.

    We do our best to reduce the number of duplicate listens for the same listener, but there are times it becomes tricky. For example, the same listener may listen to part of an episode at home in the morning on his phone, but finish it at work on his computer. These are technically two unique listens even though it's the same listener listening to the same episode. We do however eliminate what are known as 'byte-range' requests. These are essentially requests that skip around to different parts of an MP3 file. Think fast-forwarding and rewinding. So a listener fast-forward through an episode will only be counted once.

  4. Can I host my podcast website on Simplecast with my own domain or a subdomain?

    Yes! You definitely can, and for no extra charge! How awesome is that? We let you create a simple, but customizable site for your podcast. Our themes are responsive, and mobile-ready. Or you can choose a blank template and add your own CSS. You'll be able to host the site at a subdomain of Simplecast (e.g. or use your own custom domain name (

  5. I configured a domain to point to my Simplecast site and it's still not working.

    This usually happens when you configure your domain name with the www prefix ( to point to your Simplecast site, but only specify the bare domain ( in your Website Settings. Make sure the two match in the Website Settings area of your Simplecast podcast.

  6. Are you planning on supporting video podcasts?

    At this time, we don't have plans to support video podcasts. They're an entirely different beast compared to audio-only, especially in terms of bandwidth requirements. But, we could certainly change our minds if enough people ask us for it.

  7. What if I want to leave Simplecast and transfer my podcast elsewhere?

    We'd hate to see you leave, but if you should have to we understand. We make it easy for you to set the new-feed-url and allow for redirecting to your new feed with a 301 redirect so that podcast apps and directories like iTunes automatically make the switch to your new feed.

  8. Do you transcode or process my uploaded audio files in any way?

    Yes, we do - sometimes. We encode audio files up to 128kbps in MP3 format, unless you're already uploading an MP3 that is 128kbps or less, in which case we don't alter it in any way. Stereo/Mono encoding is kept as-is.

  9. I updated my podcast artwork/categories/title etc and it hasn't changed in iTunes. What gives?

    Apple employs fairly aggressive caching within iTunes for its podcast listings. If you don't see your content changing, wait a few days and it should be updated. The iTunes update schedule is a bit of a mystery, but information will usually update within 24 hours, especially if you release new episodes frequently.