Episode Summary

Does fame make you happy? If so at what cost? Doug's guests are movie star Ian Martin ("Captain Britain"), triple threat (actor/singer/dancer) Chauncey Chase Kerr and paparazzo Luigi. A rollicking exploration of the topic of fame.

Episode Notes


Does fame make you happy? If so at what cost? The topic was fame and I managed to get an old friend who I knew from L.A. who is now a very famous movie star, Ian Martin, to come on and talk to us. We also had an aspiring star, Chauncey Chase Kerr and we had Luigi, the famous Paparazzo who takes a lot of photos that you see out there?. It got explosive sometimes but always pretty interesting about the topic of FAME.

I hope you enjoy it!

About the Show

Hosted by comedy writer and actor Doug Motel, Mind Salad is food for thought with important topics covered by clueless characters.