Episode Summary

Seth and Rob begin this episode by calling Adam's father, Bobby Deitch, to discuss his own musical history and it's relation to his accomplished son. The discussion with Adam then begins, by comparing and contrasting his work with Break Science and Lettuce and then segues into his new jazz quartet. Deitch goes on to discuss the levels of hip hop influence in both his drumming and producing careers and also how bands such as Greyboy Allstars and Galactic paved the way for Lettuce. Talks continue with Adam focusing on the importance of music in his childhood home, the plethora of musicians he met at Berklee School of Music and how much of his career is owed to Eric Krasno.

Episode Notes

Seth and Rob call Adam Deitch's father Bobby to discuss his own musical history as it relates to his accomplished son. We learn about how he and his one Uncle were a huge influence, and how in his case, the teacher became the student. They then chat with Adam and compare and contrast his work with Break Science and Lettuce, and they even touch upon new things on which his jazz quartet is working. He speaks of how hip-hop, particularly Redman and Method Man, helped him to develop his style as a drummer and as a producer. We get a little window into his creative process and he speaks of the challenges and rewards of playing with Lettuce. Adam explains how Galactic and Greyboy Allstars paved the way for Lettuce's success and then gets into the "Wayback Machine" to discuss his days learning about music in his boyhood home where the television was secondary to the stereo, and how his parents' enthusiasm for music rubbed off on him. He speaks of his first rock n roll experience seeing Living Color live. Then Adam discusses many of the talented people he met at the Berklee School of Music where he met many people with whom he still plays today. He speaks about how he "owes 10% of his career" to Eric Krasno as Kras not only do we learn that he landed Lettuce their initial gigs, but we also find out that he facilitated their initial meeting with John Scofield.

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