Episode Summary

This is the first episode of the How do you know? podcast that features two guests and that’s not all that’s different about it.

Episode 12 includes many of the things I aspire to bring to the podcast:
- a grounded, authentic perspective on life and building a business
- the importance of cultivating self-awareness
- the challenge of balancing consumption and creation in marketing
- the dynamic of making decisions as co-founders and SO much more.

This conversation may be particularly helpful to entrepreneurs and freelancers who are building their own business. It’s definitely helped me get perspective when I slipped into comparisons between my current stage and people who’ve been doing this for years.

Episode Notes

See all the ways to get in touch with the guests, Julian Samarjiev and Marin Gerov from DULO:


About the Show

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Andra Zaharia, content marketer and life-long learner, interviews great decision-makers, so you can learn from the best.

Discover how they built and improved their process over the years to strengthen your own.