Episode Summary

Jordan Carroll tells us about life on the road, singing and songwriting, piano lessons as a kid, the music industry and his love for being a musical artist.

Episode Notes

Jordan Carroll is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and musician. In this episode we discuss what life is like on the road during a tour, he offers advice for individuals looking to break through in the industry, the creative process he goes through for songwriting, how artists can use social media to reach a larger audience, how to deal with the legal aspects of the music industry, and for fun I test Jordans knowledge of his favorite band The Doors with 5 trivia questions. It was a pleasure to sit down and interview someone who has a clear vision for what they want out of life and the Make Sh!t Happen attitude to turn that vision into a reality. Jordan wants to be involved with music for a long time to come, and his career shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. And deservedly so, he is wise beyond his years, generous with his time and is always available to offer advice for those who seek.

About the Show

I’m Tim King, host of The Make S#!t Happen Project. On this podcast I’ll bring you interviews of individuals who are in the process of pursuing their dreams and the stories behind them. We all appreciate a good success story!! If you like a little bit of serious and inspiration, mixed with some humor and fun, then you will enjoy hearing about people who have made the decision to change their lives and Make S#!t Happen.