Episode Summary

A discussion on navigating technology by Brett Kunkle and Jonathan Morrow.

Get the latest on the Gen Z research Impact 360 Institute has been working on with Barna Group for the past year.

Episode Notes

How are you going to help your kids navigate technology? How do we approach this wisely? How do we be mindful of the trend of addictions moving towards technology? Is technology itself bad? How do we equip our kids to encounter a technological world that has the power to shape them? What are some practical things we can do to help our kids navigate through this world of technology in a healthy way? How can technology help us love God and love our neighbor? Should kids have the right to privacy in your home? We will answer these questions and more with Brett Kunkle and Jonathan Morrow.

About the Show

Welcome to the Impact 360 Institute podcast (www.impact360.org). This podcast is hosted by popular author and Director of Cultural Engagement Jonathan Morrow. Impact 360 institute exists to cultivate leaders who follow Jesus.