Episode Summary

Welcome To The Party Pal invites listeners into the sordid, captivating world of HBO's Succession. Succession is an American satirical comedy-drama television series created by Jesse Armstrong that centers on the fictional Roy family, the dysfunctional owners of a global media and hospitality empire. The series features an ensemble cast which includes Brian Cox, Nicholas Braun, Kieran Culkin, Natalie Gold, Matthew Macfadyen, Alan Ruck, Sarah Snook, Jeremy Strong, and J. Smith-Cameron (among others!). In this episode, the unique appeal of Succession is analyzed while the remarkable ensemble cast is hailed. With a focus on the recently concluded Season 2, the fallout from a riveting season finale is examined, characters motives and morals queried to sort out just who is the most heartless and evil, and the conversation concludes with speculation about what may lie ahead in Season 3 for the Roy family and their embattled empire. Aiding in the dissection of Season 2's excellence is friend of the pod / podcaster / Succession aficionado Justin Wells. Follow Justin on Twitter at @RollsonShabbos.

About the Show

Welcome to the Party Pal is the mind-bending film and television podcast you didn’t know you needed. Hosted by Brian Sachson (producer/writer) and Michael Shields (writer/editor), WTTPP is a celebration of the art of cinema and filmmaking, where movies and television shows are meticulously dissected and analyzed to evaluate their grandeur (or, conversely when necessary, lament their shortcomings). Guests will include the filmmakers and industry insiders that craft the works of art that inhabit the current zeitgeist. All spoilers, all the time...listeners be warned!