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The Comics Agenda 88: The Post-It Note Incident
New week and new comics and news. Plus we discuss pranks and practical jokes including the use of a famous office supply

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The Comics Agenda 88: The Post-It Note Incident

We Talk about the big Disney/Fox merger, The Blu-Ray release of the Batman the Animated Series, and the return of What If from Marvel.

We run through some of our favorites from the October Solicits before starting into New Comicbook Day.

This week we cover Leviathan #1, Seeds #1, Project Superpowers #1, the return of Damian Wayne and Jon Kent in Adventures of the Supersons #1. Then its onto some Princesses vs Robots with the first issue . Marvel has a new event kicking off with Infinity War #1 and finally end it with Assassinistas TPB.

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