Episode Summary

No small critic of imperialism and nationalism, Walter Brueggemann heavily influences this episode. He argues that the U.S. was not founded to be a Christian nation — but one where churches co-exist, not co-opt, the secular democracy.

Episode Notes

“...America has traditionally been understood as a Christian nation. The question is: understood by whom?”

An enormously influential Old Testament scholar, Dr. Walter Brueggeman’s question echoed at Faith And Reason’s The Prospect of a World Community of Religions seminar. Challenging the commonly-held assumption that the Founding Fathers intended for the United States to be a Christian nation, instead, he argues, it is intended to be a secular democracy. The churches of a secular democracy, Brueggemann argues, should exist to “bring vision, and passion, and energy, and courage” to society—not division, strife, and oppression.

No small critic of imperialism and nationalism, Brueggemann heavily influences this podcast episode. Join Ann and Debo as they use Brueggemann’s scholarship to reflect on the First Amendment, the exclusion of minority voices in the national political and religious conversation, and how Christians can co-exist in the secular democracy—not co-opt it.

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