Episode Summary

The Comics Agenda 115: Nope Stabbed
We talk Super Bowl commercials, Free Comicbook Day, and CW television renewals. Then of course New Comics !!!

Episode Notes

The Comics Agenda 115: Nope Stabbed

This week we start by talking about Super Bowl Commercials, which thankfully were a little more exciting than the game. After Marvel announced this week their Free Comicbook Day selections we talk about what books we are looking forward to, and then jump into the CW renewals.

Then we jump into the new comics out this week including Female Furies, Red Sonja, Vindication, Girl in the Bay, Marvelous X-Men, before wrapping up with the new Daredevil series.

The Comics Agenda is hosted by Anelise (Twitter@Anelise.Farris ), Michael (Twitter@mokepf7) and Greg (Twitter@Comicsportsgeek). We discuss new comic book releases each week, in addition to breaking news, movies, and tv. You can reach us on Twitter @TheComicsAgenda or email us at TheComicsAgenda@gmail.com

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Each week the team gets together to discuss new comics that were released that week, comics and entertainment news, conduct interviews with creators, and discuss the latest in tv and movies.