Episode Summary

Before America and Cuba could imagine something so crazy and far-fetched as a sonic attack...
There was the very real Bay of Pigs...Operation Mongoose...The Doomsday Clock...Elimination by Illumination.

Episode Notes

Just a few brief months into his presidency, John F. Kennedy would be forced to contend with a small island just 103 miles from Florida. A small island that proved it had the capability and determination to endanger both his administration and the country he served.

Attempting to control Cuba became an obsession for Kennedy, and for his younger brother, Robert. But 'neutralizing' Castro required seemingly endless and increasingly far-fetched strategies, a wide cast of characters and massive federal funding.

On this episode we look at how, in less than 3 years, what started as the young President's' obsession escalated into the closest the United States has knowingly come to a full scale nuclear war. And while that catastrophe was thankfully averted, the foreboding menace planted in these short years would bloom again, when the time was right, in 2016 Havana.

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