Episode Summary

Audio of the PAX Unplugged panel I moderated about not having racism in your TTRPG settings, games or in your table.

Episode Notes

Tabletop is growing and expanding, and with it there’s an increased need for diversity at the table. Let’s talk frankly about why racism at the table shouldn’t be a thing you do as a GM or player. Also, let’s get real about racism in our settings and campaigns, talk about what we can do to stamp it out as much as possible in a land where elves, orcs, and dragons roam but racism seems to be a neverending boss battle.

Moderator: Tanya DePass ~ @cypheroftyr

Panelists: Omari Akil ~ @OmariAkil Adam Koebel ~ @skinnyghost Nadja Otikor ~ @Trist_Chi Carlos Luna ~ @CarlosCrits Surena Marie ~ @SurenaXMarie APoisal ~ @APoisal

About the Show

A Weekly podcast addressing issues of diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and feminism in gaming.