Episode Notes

In today’s episode of Product Leadership Podcast, Edyta Korona and Arjun Saksena talk to Rich Mironov. Rich is CEO of Mironov Consulting, where he provides interim product executive help and designs product organizations for tech companies. He wrote "The Art of Product Management," founded Product Camp, and has been blogging about product management since 2002.

During the podcast Rich talks about the evolution of tech product management, empathy as a core skill of product leaders, that we shouldn't be envious of the biggest or shiniest tech companies, and why his product managers don't claim to be the CEOs of their products.

About the Show

This podcast series is focused on exploring the backstage of product management. In the form of friendly conversations with thought leaders in the industry, we will be opening doors of companies in Silicon Valley and reaching out to outstanding thinkers and professionals, who mastered the art of digital product creation. Topics will include product design and UX, business analysis, growth, product marketing, product team, leadership and even personal power (as a way to embrace our creative potential). We will also explore the differences between Silicon Valley way and Central Eastern Europe way of bringing digital products to life and help to identify and bridge the gaps (both ways!).

About the hosts:
Arjun Saksena is an experienced Product Manager with over 12 years of product management experience at Yahoo!, Adobe, and Evernote, living and working in silicon valley nearly 20 years. During the day still product manager, but after hours passionate about education for product managers. It took him years to figure out how to transition to product management and he doesn't want it to take that long for you. Product management goes hand in hand with entrepreneurial skills, and he’s also been an early member of two successful startups, FastForward Networks, which was acquired for $1.3B by Inktomi and Streamlogics. Currently, Arjun is the co-founder of an ML-based product analytics startup.

Edyta Korona is a psychologist with over 11 years in digital product management, working in software houses in Poland and running her own agency. She initiated, supervised and sponsored numerous educational projects for product managers and is a research lead and program director of an annual, international product management conference held in Krakow, Poland - Product Development Days.