Episode Summary

Meet Dr. Hoffer, the first doctor on the scene in 2016 to diagnose the effects of the Cuban Sonic Attack.

Now we diagnose the effects of Dr. Hoffer.

Episode Notes

The solid one fact we have about the events that occurred in Havana in 2016 is the identity of the first doctor that the State Department rushed to examine the affected Americans.

Dr. Michael Hoffer.

His diagnosis is the foundation of pretty much everything we learned early on about the Cuban sonic attack.

For the State Department, the Department of Defense, the media, the people of America and Cuba, his name in the paper, his singular opinion and views were all we had to go on for months.

His word acted as our truth.

In this episode, we examine not just what Dr. Hoffer told us about Cuba, but his past history. Two of his medical cases that closely lead up to the 2016 events draw interest and give us pause.

Just like so many things with this story, the one solid fact that we are so sure of, that we are certain we know - turns into more questions.

Now, let’s introduce you to the good doctor and see what you think.


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