Episode Notes

How can you keep in touch with your creative process?

Talking Points

  • Focus on the objective, mission, or message
  • Have a daily practice
  • Avoid perfectionism
  • Set a schedule
  • Practice being creative
  • Work on something that’s bigger than yourself
  • Have a big idea or specialty to focus on
  • Feedback from other people can help you generate ideas
  • It’s OK to ignore certain kinds of feedback
  • Have accountability outside of yourself
  • If you get a streak going, you won’t want to break it
  • Having a coach can help

Quotable Quotes

“It’s shocking how much more output you’ll get from a daily habit than even a weekly habit.” –JS

“I help myself with my work as much as I help anybody else.” –RM

“Creativity is not a solo act.” –RM

“Not everybody’s on the same journey with you.” –JS

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