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In this weeks episode of world class investigator, I chat to Terry Wilson of Hatecrimeexpert.com

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About this Terry

Mr. Wilson is a highly sought after expert and considered one of Canada’s leading experts in the investigation, identification, and prevention of Hate-motivated crime around the world.

With over 26 years of police experience, Mr. Wilson has a proven track record of initiating racial and gender-sensitive investigations resulting in multiple convictions, policy improvements and enhanced training of over 9000 Police officers and thousands more civilians, educators and professionals around the world.

As a recently retired lead investigator for the B.C Hate Crime Team (RCMP) with advanced interview, investigative, threat assessment, safety planning, and victim support skills, Mr. Wilson dedicates his time to helping organizations and individuals protect themselves from potential threats and violence motivated by hate.

As an expert witness, Mr. Wilson has testified as an expert on hate-motivated crime and white supremacy. In addition, Crown Counsel has identified his work with witnesses as critical to the ongoing success of investigations and prosecution of hate-related offenses.

He is highly sensitive to human rights violations, diversity and special dimensions of vulnerable groups and now brings his expertise to private corporations, athletic organizations and governments to continue his work on reducing hate-motivated violence in the world.

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