Episode Summary

Phil Freeman goes to Norway and interviews drummers Erlend Dahlen and Gard Nilssen and saxophonist Andre Roligheten.

Episode Notes

Episode 19 of the Burning Ambulance podcast tells the story of host Phil Freeman's recent trip to Bergen, Norway to attend the annual Nutshell jazz showcase, and includes interviews with percussionist Erland Dahlen, drummer Gard Nilssen, and saxophonist André Roligheten.

The episode also features live recordings of performances by the groups Bounce Alarm, the Dag Arnesen Trio, Erland Dahlen, and the André Roligheten Quartet. Special thanks to Brit Aksnes, Nina Torske, Aslak Oppeboen, Trude Storheim and Gard Nilssen for organizing everything and being amazing hosts.

About the Show

The Burning Ambulance Podcast features interviews with musicians from the worlds of jazz, metal, modern composition, noise, and whatever else piques host Phil Freeman's interest.