Episode Summary

The Relativity cast for Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast had the privilege of chatting with Colleen Kenney—partner and chair of the e-Discovery Task Force at Sidley Austin—for this month’s episode. The subject? A scary one: math and science in the law. Listen in for a lesson on the refrigerator doctrine and a preview of Relativity 5000: Mind Control Edition.

Episode Notes

The subject of this episode of Uncivil Procedure: The e-Discovery Podcast is a little scary for some: math and science in the law. In a profession that tends to be dominated by the literary and philosophically minded, mathematics can be less than fun. Not so for our guest for this month, though.

Colleen Kenney—partner and chair of the e-Discovery Task Force at Sidley Austin—was an auditor for an accounting firm in a former life. The role of numbers in the law doesn’t scare her. In many ways, it fascinates her.

Listen in and calculate your answers to these burning questions:

  • How were you lied to by your math teachers as a child?
  • How many French fries does it take to win a $50,000 McDonald’s Monopoly prize—and is it worth it?
  • Should David Horrigan give up the law in pursuit of a singing career?

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