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Fresh off a live event in Chicago, Tunde Olaniran sat down down with Cher and James to discuss "fatness" and masculinity,
activism and advocacy, and his new album Transgressor.

Episode Notes

Fresh off a live event in Chicago, Tunde Olaniran joined Cher and James to discuss “fatness” and masculinity, activism and advocacy, and his new album, Transgressor.

Music featured in this weeks episode:

From Tunde Olaniran (in order of appearance):




“Brown Boy”


We were sponsored this week by:

Cards Against Humanity: They asked us not to read an ad, so enjoy the show.

References made during our conversation:

Young Fathers are the Scottish band Cher went to see and who Tunde opened for.

Planned Parenthood and all the great work they're doing in Flint, Michigan, USA.

Another podcast on the Postloudness network that James recommends is Highwater. It’s a practical pop-culture driven advice show for the everyday artist and creative. Hosted by Chakka Reeves.

This week's Open Call:

Tunde: His thrifty find of a Jubilee Yellow Jacket.

Cher & James: To all the great podcasters of color out there. In particular: Ignorant Philosophy and Berry from Podcasts In Color.

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