Episode Summary

Having completed 20 episodes (~15 hours of interviews), I decided to take a moment to go over each episode briefly.

Episode Notes

Having completed 20 episodes, I decided to take a moment to go over each episode briefly.

Thanks to call my guests!

Ep01 - Dan Borges: https://twitter.com/1njection

Ep02 - 0daySimpson: https://twitter.com/0daySimpson

Ep03 - Christina Hanson

Ep04 - Matt Toth: https://twitter.com/willhackforfood

Ep05 - Rob Carson: https://twitter.com/robcarson05

Ep06 - Robin Stuart: https://twitter.com/rcstuart

Ep07 - Clay Wells: https://twitter.com/ttheveii0x

Ep08 - Elvis Chan: https://twitter.com/FBISanFrancisco

Ep09 - Virtual Kyle Kennedy: https://twitter.com/Kyle_F_Kennedy

Ep10 - InfoSteph: https://twitter.com/StephandSec

Ep11 - Yaron Levi: https://twitter.com/0xL3v1

Ep12 - Jack Rhysider: https://twitter.com/JackRhysider

Ep13 - Marcus Carey: https://twitter.com/marcusjcarey

Ep14 - Nipun Gupta: https://twitter.com/nipungupta

Ep15 - Adrian Kaylor: https://twitter.com/AdrianKaylor

Ep16 - InfosecSherpa: https://twitter.com/InfoSecSherpa

Ep17 - InfosecJon: https://twitter.com/InfoSecJon

Ep18 - Masha Sedova: https://twitter.com/modMasha

Ep19 - Jared Folkins: https://twitter.com/JF0LKINS

Ep20 - Leron Gray: https://twitter.com/mcohmi

Getting Into Infosec:

About the Show

Entertaining stories of how others got into Information Security (aka cybsersecurity), their experiences, lessons learned, and advice about getting in.


Listen for an "Easter Egg" in each show!

If you're looking to break into infosec, I wrote a little guide! Check it out:

“I purchased the kindle book last night and just finished it. It was a great “mini-mentoring” session, and I felt encouraged to persevere. I plan to listen to the podcasts regularly. As a woman getting into InfoSec, I feel as though I have been alone my entire life, learning and self-teaching with no real guidance or mentorship.”

If you benefited from an episode, please take a moment to thank our guests for taking the time and sharing their story.