Episode Summary

Ruby in conversation with Jesse Carlota Heid on psychedelics, the root of chronic pain, and healing from the fallout of childhood trauma.

Episode Notes

Jesse Carlota Heid is the very first person I invited to be a guest on THE NOW AGE. We connected when Jesse wrote a piece for The Numinous about her former life as a habitual psychedelics user, and what this experience taught her about how we heal—still one of my favorite articles on the site. Now over ten years sober, Jesse is a writer, healer, advocate, and ritual artist, as well as being a proud infertile mother. And she is also one of the most magical speakers I have ever met, with a unique gift for articulating deeply complex and mystical concepts.

In episode #2 of The Now Age, we discuss:

  • When and why "self-medicating" can be a good thing

  • How and why our bodies store emotional pain

  • Living with undiagnosed Endometriosis since childhood—and how she manages her own chronic pain

  • The lasting fallout of abuse, poverty, and neglect and how to heal from trauma

  • The power of "Story Medicine" and her work with the mythopoetic approach to healing

  • The fallout from the colonization of and her own separation from her indigenous Mexican heritage

You can discover more about Jesse and her work @alignedspirit on Instagram.

About the Show

The Now Age is a conversation series from Ruby Warrington, author, speaker, and Founder of The Numinous. Join Ruby and her guests for insights and teachings on: modern spirituality, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, alternative healing, living "sober curious," conscious entrepreneurship, and staying human in a crazy social media world.