Episode Summary

In one of my favorite conversations to date, content strategist and career girl Liz Talago helps us smash some patriarchy.

Episode Notes

Liz Talago is a SPITFIRE, y'all. When she's not riding her Harley through the streets of Nashville or the mountains of Montana, she's pushing the "acceptable" boundaries of sexual expression as a model of boutique lingerie; she's advocating for women in the workplace; she's changing the way women think about money and their earning potential. And I AM HERE FOR IT.

In this conversation, Liz and I talk about:

  • how her family and others are dealing with the political divide
  • how the patriarchy positions a woman's body/sexuality as a liability
  • the double bind women face with our sexuality, and the modesty trap we can fall into
  • her own journey from Catholic school and shaming of sexuality to fully stepping into her sexual power (and what her new black widow tattoo has to do with this)
  • her collaborative photo exhibit, "Sweating Like a Whore in Church"
  • how we start moving the needle to actually create change in the #metoo era
  • navigating personal vs professional identity, and how those of us with privilege need to be the ones pushing the boundaries

About Liz Talago

Liz is a writer, brand strategist, and freelance model living in Nashville, TN. She writes about money, sex, women, and work at liztalago.com where she shares actionable, unfiltered career advice for the #metoo era. As a co-founder of Lean-In and Ladies Get Paid in Nashville, Liz loves finding ways to empower and uplift her tribe in person and online. Follow her on Instagram @immaculate.confessions

For full show notes including links to resources we mention in the episode, head here!

About the Show

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