Episode Summary

International Podcast Month:
Lox the Matlox, Koakko the Akkorokamui, and Mara the Alp are unlikely friends-- with vampires, slender men, and werewolves hogging all the attention at North America's premier school for cryptids, it's tough for the less popular creatures to make an impact. When the school falls on hard times, however, it's up to this group of outsiders to find a way to make cryptozoology cool again in the age of social media. Fortunately, there is an imminent gathering of prominent influencers at InstaCamp in the California Redwood Forests, and these creepy cuties have a plan to make a splash.

Episode Notes

Join Kristine of Heroes of the Hydian Way as Mara the Alp, Victoria of The Broadswords as Lox the Matlox, and Arp of Splinters of a Broken Sun as Koakko the Akkorokamui in a rousing game of S. John Ross' Risus, run by the incomparable Ross of Dice for Brains.

About the Show

I Am Hear features interviews with people active in the RPG community. The people featured are podcasters, artists, musicians, game designers, crafters, and so much more.​ I Am Hear is a platform where women, non-binary people, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ+ community tell their stories and talk about what inspires them to play/create/listen/run RPGs, why representation in tabletop gaming matters, and what they want to see in the various RPG communities.

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