Episode Summary

Mere months prior to the first reported sonic attack, America and Cuba appear to be on a different path.

The "Cuban Thaw" ushered in a lifted embargo, relaxed travel restrictions and returned Americas to our embassy in Havana - all events of great promise for the people of both nations.

What could possible alter the course of such historic progress?

Episode Notes

Early 2016, then American President Barack Obama makes a historic pledge to Cuba and its people to put aside the past. We begins to 'normalize' diplomatic relations with Cuba - starting with lifting the decades-old embargo. Our diplomats return to the American embassy in Havana, and the countries are seemingly on their way to a new future, together.

Why are embassies and those who work within them such a vital key to this relationship? These new American diplomats, now living and working in Cuba - what role do they play in 2016 to re-build the countries' trust? Ultimately is this new commitment the same as trying to poison Castro's SCUBA suit, just under the guise of being a friend versus a foe?

Now that the embassy is open again for business, what makes someone a diplomat or a spy?

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