Episode Summary

Ruby in conversation with Lama Rod Owens, co-author of the book Radical Dharma, on the spiritual work of healing systemic racism.

Episode Notes

In the final episode of 2018, Ruby talks to Lama Rod Owens, co-author of the book Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love and Liberation, about the spiritual work of healing systemic racism. World events coupled with the advent of social media as a platform for the literal raising of consciousness, have helped this to emerge as the collective healing work of our times—as much a personal issue as it is a public and a political one.

As Ruby wrote in this piece for The Numinous, Radical Dharma offers a powerful and compassionate perspective for anybody confused about their role in this—and is ESSENTIAL READING for anybody working in the healing, wellness or self-help space, or otherwise actively engaged in this work. Among other topics, in this episode we discuss:

  • How to talk about the things we're scared to talk about.

  • The importance of saying the 'wrong thing' in order to progress conversations about race.

  • Healing racism as part of our collective dharma.

  • Understanding the 'psychic mutilation' of whiteness.

  • How we are addicted to being triggered and the importance of boundaries as self-care.

  • How all systems of oppression are harmful to everybody—including those perceived to be benefitting from these systems.

You can learn more about Lama Rod Owens and his work HERE and purchase your copy of Radical Dharma HERE.

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